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 A. El Fouladi is president and majority shareholder .

He began his professional career with training in Morocco in topography. After two years of experience in the field he continued his studies in France as a cartographer (École Nationale des Sciences Géographiques).

Named to lead the Charting Bureau (Morocco), he completed a short training at the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS, Ottawa) and a course of  6 month in the United States (Mississippi, IMET Program / NAVOCEANO) followed by a training for a period of one month with the Defense Mapping Agency (DMA, Washington DC)

Immigrating to Canada in 1991, he completed a B.Sc. in Environmental Geography, get a M.Sc. in Geographic Information Systems (Thesis: "Geographic Information Systems and road development of the Rif, Morocco, in the context of the Europe-Africa fixed link through the Strait of Gibraltar ", University of Montreal, Department of Geography) and a Ph.D. in Climatology.

Thesis (In French) : " Hausse du niveau moyen relatif de la mer (à Trinidad, Caraïbes): Évidence, causes probables et évaluation".  University of Montreal, Department of Geography)

Since completing his doctorate, Mr. El Fouladi conducted or participated in various studies to assess vulnerability to climate change (including the impact of rising mean sea level on coastal regions) involving models of atmospheric and oceanic circulation, geomatics, geophysical and socio-economic and using modeling with GIS.

Between March and July 2011, he conducted a prospective study on the impact of climate change in Bhutan, including temperatures, precipitation, forest and the flow of some watersheds in the country.



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